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Best Shawarmas & Grill Chicken

Dk Spicy Bytes is one of the best shawarma and grill chicken shop serving the customers with huge varieties of shawarmas such as rumali shawarma, panini shawarma, panipuri shawarma, cone shawarma, and the list goes on

The varieties we serve have a unique taste. This is because of the masala mix we used in our shawarmas and mayo. The combination of those makes us unique and the best in the world of shawarmas.

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Starving ?, We hear your stomach cry

Enjoy our Delicious and Spicy Dishes

Our Best

Fried Chicken

Freshly chopped chicken is combined with our spicy masalas and marinated for the ideal amount of time before being cooked fresh to order.

Our Masala Marination makes the fried chicken unique.

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Our Authentic


We have a wide variety of shawarmas. Not just boring plain shawarma and platter shawarmas. We have cone shawarma, burger shawarma, panini shawarma, pani poori shawarma, and we are also planned to introduce soupy shawarma.

Our Quaity

Grill Chicken

Grills are always the best. But here in dk spicy bytes, it will get an extra level of flavor with our secrete spices and masalas. The tangy, spicy taste mixed with our unique mayo gives a hunger every time.


We guarantee

Rocket Fast Delivery !

If you’re having a meeting, working late at night and need an extra push. Let us know and we will be there